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Cheat Yoga

Posted Jul 25 2009 9:07am

Do you want to quickly improve your yoga?

We all have those places that just won’t release, won’t stretch no matter how much we try. Then we have those positions that we can’t seem to master. We begin to believe maybe we are designed differently than that woman next to us that gets into that pose with such grace and ease.

For 30 years, yoga practitioners and teachers have seen me for Rolfing to fix problems yoga was not getting or just to improve their yoga. The compliment of Rolfing to yoga can be huge. A good Rolfer can release those hard to get areas so they actually lengthen when you stretch.

Getting Rolfed feels like the Rolfer is using his or her pressure to stretch the specific fibers of the muscles. You can feel the once hard muscle become true soft-tissue. It is an amazing feeling experiencing the tension melt away. Suddenly the locked hip is no longer locked. You can put it in a position so that you can stretch it.

For more information on Rolfing or Rolfing from a blog and community of Rolfed clients check out – RolfHub.

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