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broken arches on both feet. How to do the standing poses?

Posted by Barbara E. Troyer. Facebook

I am doing yoga since many years. In spring of this year both the arches of my feet broke down. I am very hampered in my standing yoga poses. what could help me?
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There's not much that can be done for flat feet and of course there's a bit of a catch-22 here as standing poses are one of the places in the physical practice where the student learns to and executes the lift of the arches in order to draw the earth energy into the pelvis.

What you can try is using the knuckles to massage the soles of the feet in Virasana using untoasted organic sesame seed oil or a similar olive oil. If you have access to ayurvedic product maha vishgarbha oil is helpful. In addition you can use a gold ball and roll that under the arches twice daily (standing or sitting, whichever hurts most).  


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