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Boost the immune system with yoga

Posted by Shez B.

The other day I had a slight throat at night. In the morning my nose started running as I went off to yoga. I definitely coming down with a cold.

But after 2o minutes of my ashtanga yoga class, the cold was completely gone...and I haven't had a symptom since.

Yoga postures to boost the immune system are

1. tortoise and shoulder stand stimulate the thymus gland and the immune system

2. Downward dog flushes out the sinuses and congestion

3. Restorative poses like the corpes and child's allow the body to integrate the practice and heal.

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Sort by: Newest first | Oldest first chronic fatigue has been acting up (and/or I have some sort of cold) so I went to a gentle yoga class yesterday and it helped a lot. My plan is to do yoga and rest in order to get better. If I had been more consistent with my yoga practice since the new year started I might not have gotten run down so much in the first place! Oh well!

Hey Stehanie,

Don't beat yourself up if you aren't consistant. Just start being consistant tomorrow. Have you looked into treating candida. I find a lot of people that have chronic fatigue also have candida.

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