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blossom at any age through yoga

Posted by yogagirl4

I was never really sure what I wanted to accomplish out of my life with the exception of being a wife and a mother as well as a loyal friend surrounded by good people. Through my yoga practice the last 4 years a lot of things have risen to the surface. with each breath I take I am truly inspired by all that life has to offer. I learned to cultivate great relationships, try not to be disappointed in those I thought were true people and I learned that I can and will continue to blossom as a person. when it is said that a person who believes in themself can know no limitations it holds very true. From this inspiration a business was born..I developed to embrace my vision of beauty and function all wrapped up in one. My yoga sling bags were created out of necessity and the need to continue to be surrounded by beautiful things. May we all be surrounded by love and beauty  .   My web site <a class=exl href = ""></a>   is the culmination of my growth through yoga.

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Theres a new study out in the British Medicine Journal about yoga, it examines the science behind yoga. I dont have the link to it but im sure you can fine it by googlin it. you can fin yoga mats ans other yoga accessories here:   you can even get a free yoga strap with this code: PIZ355

Hi JayPee,

thanks for the link It was useful do keep posting such links so our members can benefit.





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