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Block Poster of a Blog Poster

Posted Sep 29 2008 1:05am


Recipe: One blank wall, one new printer, 20 letter sized sheets of photo paper, one photograph of choice,and Block Upload your photo of choice (no larger than 1MB) and they will in turn give you a PDF file to print.

I used a photo of myself taken by Jerrie Stafford, turned it into a "watercolor" and took the 20 sheets and taped them together. You could cut off the borders of each print to eliminate the white lines, but I wanted the window pane effect. Five binder clips hang on picture frame hooks on the top and I added another five on the bottom just for balance and weight.

I took this photo before 6am this morning while my optic nerve was still asleep. I decided to use it anyway to give you an idea of what it is like to be near-sighted with astigmatsim.

Block Posters: easy and FREE.

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