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Bikram = HOT Yoga

Posted by Dave K.

My mom told me she tried a yoga class recently and didn't like yoga because it was an unbearably hot and sweaty experience. Thought there might be some others out there who didn't know the different types of yoga. The ones I've tried 'Ashtanga' and 'Hatha' yoga are NOT the hot ones, usually done in a pleasant atmosphere where you go through a series of poses that help stretch out your body, loosen you up and relax your mind. It's really about breathing deeply and helping your body recover. Bikram is a form of yoga where the room is heated so that you sweat a lot, I think the idea is to get rid of toxins from your body, and the heat also loosens your body up, but not everyone likes the heat aspect of it. So just make sure you check the type of yoga class before you go, and know that Bikram is the HOT one. For a full list of the different types, here's a good overview I found from
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I have not been to Bikram but I have been to some yoga studios where they seem to prefer the room to be a bit overheated - not to the level of Bikram but enough to make it unpleasant for me. So you may find that even yoga classes not labeled Bikram or Hot Yoga are "hot." Sometimes you just have to shop around until you find a studio you like...
I'm really not a fan of Bikram yoga for a number of reasons. I used to do it, and the focus on repetitive poses that potentially can strain different parts of your body (the knees being a big one) just doesn't do it for me. I prefer changing up my asanas when the mood calls for it. The hot room is also really overwhelming, but I know there are forms of yoga that are "hot" yoga but don't go as high in temperature as Bikram does.

Some people can be kindly directed while others need to be hammered upon the head. AS long as the practice positively impacts the life of the student, and not just their pores, I'm all for it.

However, those externally warm practices are not for me. I prefer to generate my warmth from the marrow out.

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