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big season, big peace: tips for staying centered and happy during the bustling busyness

Posted Dec 22 2009 12:00am
It's that wonder-full, magical, beauty-full time of year. It can also be a time for feeling overwhelmed and maxed out.

Take-Away Tips
to help you stay grounded and centred during the holidays--whether you're last-minute shopping, or biting your tongue when family presses your buttons, as only family can.

1. Breathe
You know this. I know this. But do we remember to do it all the time? Nope. So let's breathe--truly, madly, deeply.

2. Use Your Senses
Tune into sights, sounds and physical sensations. You'll help yourself drop out of your head, into your body, and into the present moment, where worrying about the future and rehashing the past doesn't happen.

3. Move Mindfully
Let your body move one millisecond slower than your mind wants it to. This simple act can help you drop out of your manic monkey mind and into the space that simply is.

4. Exhale
When things feel beyond the deep breathing solution, take an adapted version of lion's breath: inhale deep, then stick your tongue way out and forcefully exhale. Do it with a "rarrrr" and you might even get yourself giggling.

5. Laugh
On that note, give yourself a good giggle, too. Fake it 'till you make it, and transform your experience of the moment.

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