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Back To School: Let The Preparations Begin!

Posted Aug 21 2009 10:26am

There's only ten days to go and there's a flurry of preparation going on all over Ireland!

School books are being boughtif they haven't already been bought and then that dreaded job .... covering them begins! WellI dread it anyway because I am sooo bad at it. That bloomin' sticky stuff sticks in all the wrong places. Some of the books turned out all right I supposebut some have air bubbles everywhere which looks awful. Then I thoughtwell
maybe he could use the bubbles as an engine tool if he gets stressed in class. Kinda like how he might use a piece of prickly velcro stuck under the table or a piece of blue tac in his hand. It might even have a similar effect to sitting on a move'n'sit cushion. I discussed all of these here. When I suggested my very good idea (as I thought) to wiiboy he said..."wellI just stick a pencil in them!!" Ah well.... another good idea bites the dust!

School Uniforms are being bought and new School shoes also. I've learned to leave that until August as wiiboy always takes a stretch in the summer. Goshgoing Back to School is an expensive business. I can't imagine how familes with 2...3.. or 4 children are coping.

Wiiboy's school jumper is expensive. The old one still fits so I'm not buying a new one. Howeverthat's more to do with the fact that he truly hates wearing it. He found it very difficult to even try it on and it was worse when we went to the shop to try on a bigger one. The 18 year old school leaver serving us was firm with him ... he wasn't taking any nonsense from a "bold" child who wouldn't do what he was asked. Sigh. Whaddya do? Nuthin'. What's the point.
I didn't bother explaining.

Wiiboy is already talking about Favourite Uniform so we still have the issue I talked about in that post. I have decided to do what I can about it. I don't care that the school parents committee/BOM chose a jumper that can't be replaced with a cheaper version. The generic ones are plain navy while our school jumper ( see above picture) has a light blue stripe on the V neck and cuffs. Also the school badge is part of the jumperit is not sewn on separately. I am going to buy a jumper in Marks and Spencer and together with my sewingpanto pals figure a way of transferring the emblem! Incidentallyhe tried the M & S jumper on with no problems at all. It was "very comfty"!! That made my mind up for me.

You may also notice in the above picture that I've included a good ole Social Story! Oh yeahya can't beat the Social Stories! We haven't bothered this yearI can just chat to him about it. But I highly recommend them to anyone who's concerned that their child will have difficulities in settling in to the new school year. A couple of lines per page with accompanying picture(s) will suffice. Most schoolslike ours are open the week before the children start so I used to arrange to call in that week and show him around his new classroom and introduce him to his new Teacher. That really helps too. It also helps because you get to have a personal "chat" with the Teacher too and hopefully set up a meaningful rapport that will see you right through the year. Wellit's worth a shot anyway!

This year I've included a new preparation for Going Back to School. You may also notice a few bottles of potions and lotions at the bottom of my pictureabove. My Weapons of Mass Destruction against the dreaded Swine Flu! I like to feel I'm doing somethingrather than just sitting back and accepting that it's gonna hit us whether we like it or not. In an effort to boost our immune systemsgiving us some hope of being able to fight back somewhatwiiboy and I have been taking Solgar Multivitamins (Kangavites for wiiboy) with a separate Vitamin C tablet for the last two weeks. I also started him on his usual MorEPA at the same time. The little blue bottle is Milton's Antibacterial gel which we also use daily .... wellwhen I remember! As it's unlikely that the school will provide hospital-style hand gels in each classroom wiiboy will have a little blue bottle in his school bag that he'll apply before he goes to school and after lunch each day. Wellthat's the plan anyway. Mr Jazzyon the other hand is "being a man" and doesn't need to take any multivitamins! I did try!

As we speakthis theory of mine may already being put to the test. His best friend "on the road" came over to play again today . He has a cold. His mum phoned after some time to say that she'd just been told that the friend her son was playing with last week has Swine Flu. Wellno point in sending him home now as the damage is already done! The liklihood is that he only has a summer coldher doctor said that the other boy's immune system might have been lower so he got Swine Flu. Maybe there's something in my theory after all!

I don't know about you but if wiiboy gets as much as a sniffle he's not going into school. Maybe the damage is already done but I'm not taking chances. That's just my opinion. Wiiboy doesn't officially have an underlying health issue butwhile he doesn't have Asthma per se he was on Asthmatic inhalers for a few years and his annual cough is quite wheezy. Alsohe only has one fully functioning kidneyhis left kidney is badly scarred and is only at 15% capacity. He had a very successful Sting procedure last year ...... but like I sayI ain't taking any chances. Ohand when the friend went home I used Dettol wipes on EVERYTHING!! And I made them all use the Milton!

I think we all have a responsibility and I hope hard working parents don't send a child to school with a bit of a temperature or whatever. That will be difficult for parents who both work outside the homeit will be very challenging for them. I feel that the health of our children could deteriorate rapidly in the day if they are actually in the throes of Swine Flu. That saidit normally hits very quickly so we'll probably be in no doubt that our child is unwell. The other responsibility we have is that we're not party to spreading the illness to a child (or fellow colleague in the work place) who's immune system is low or who has an underlying health problem.

The last thing I do every year in the Back to School Preparation is not compulsoryit is however advisable and highly recommended. If funds allow. The last thing we do is ......Go on Holiday!!!

Yay!! Our 4 day break to "our" hotel in Clonea Strand starts next Monday and I cannot wait! Four days of pool playjacuzzissteam roomsbeach play Bowling and yummy food! Ohand possibly a wee drinky or two!!

Like I said this time last year .... keep a bottle of Vino Sol chilled for me Mr BarmanI'm on my way!!

On a final notelet me just wish everyone a successful start to the new schoolyear with your child. Whether your just moving up a yeartransitioning from pre-school to primary school or primary school to Secondary School or moving from one educational setting to another (within or from a Special Need setting)I truly wish you well.

Take care and good luck. xx Jazzy
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