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Are there any institutions that offer a school loan for this type of job training?

Posted by creolelady

I have been interested in taking a yoga teacher training program for many years, and it seems that every time I save up almost enough money, another tragedy happens. I am wondering if there are any institutions that offer a school loan for this type of job training?
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I don't see why not. My daughter is 21, gets loans for regular college but I don't see a difference.

That would just be a "technical" training instead. The loans won't be as much, but I'm sure you could, depending on your state of course.

Depending on your age, they have different kinds. I would start by running a search on the internet and going from there.

Call your local schools that have the training you want and ask them. They want students. They'll tell you and probably help you get it!

Hope this helps,


Your General Health Maven

Hello Creole,

If you are referring to schools offering yoga teacher training there may be some offering scholarship however most are not vocationally certified by the state in which they do business.

You may find ways to reduce your costs or negotiate through them but this would likely be taken on a case-by-case basis. Payment plans are commonly offered and you may find a training that allows you to take modules and pay as you go. 

Sound yoga teacher trainings are difficult to find. Others are everywhere. 

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