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annnnd……another five #reverb11 prompts

Posted Dec 23 2011 3:20am

Well the Big Day is almost here and as you read this I will be battling the supermarket for the Christmas food.  Lucky me!  I hope all my readers, both old and new, have a fabulous Festive season and I’ll be back with more Reverbs as well as my Word and Intention for 2012 next week.  Oh which reminds me!  Are you struggling to find your word for 2012?  You might like to try one of Amy Palko ’s 2012 readings to help guide your way.  I did and it was fabulously spot on the money – read more here!

And so to the Reverb prompts, with the usual nod to Catherine ! See the other Reverb11 posts .


( source )

11. Who surprised you?

Me.  I surprised me endlessly.  I surprised myself with my own undiluted passion and energy for my work, despite whatever health issues the universe threw at me.  I surprised myself by being much stronger than I thought I was and I surprised myself by keeping going when I thought I would give up.  Himself surprised me as well continually, as is his wont and the world around me continued to hit me with surprises, both welcome and unwelcome, but every single one necessary.

12. What did you learn?

I learned how to teach Pilates , I learned Pregnancy Massage and Hot Stone Therapy. I learned how to teach Foundation courses.  I learned my vertebral joints are inflamed and that there’s a chance I’m osteopenic .  I learned how to play poker and that long haul flights are still a nightmare even in the wake of so much modern technology.  I learned what true friendship is and what fair weather friendship is.  And I learned to never mix business with pleasure, however sure you are it will work out.

13. When did you feel the most relaxed?

Sitting in Sydney Botanical Gardens, nursing jetlag, watching the mighty Ibises wander amongst us and thinking “I’m home”.  6th April 2011.

14. Where did you leave a mark?

That’s not one I’m at liberty to answer really.  I hope I left a mark on some of my clients, that they walked out of the clinic feeling better than when they walked in.  I hope I left a mark on some of my yoga students.  I hope I left the occasional mark on a stranger by smiling at them or giving up my seat on the bus.  I hope I left a mark on some of my fellow trainees in the various trainings I’ve done this year (I know they have on me, especially my fellow Foundation trainees in October).  I hope I’ve left a little mark of love on those that are near and dear to me.

15. What movies did you see?

The biggest anticipated movie for me this year was the Foo Fighters’ documentary Back + Forth which, typically, was released in cinemas in the UK when I was in Australia.  When I eventually got to see it, it was as awesome as I suspected.  Although strangely it was the 20-year anniversary Pearl Jam documentary, PJ20 , that made more of a mark on me (maybe simply because it’s Cameron Crowe).   I also saw Harry Potter + the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 and a whole heap of dude movies and chick flicks that I can’t remember. Turns out I love music a lot more than I love films.  But we already knew that.

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