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Alone time - resting time...

Posted Jun 04 2010 12:00am
..the exhalation before the new inhalation.

This week has been so much about resting. It must had been the yin yoga that made me come in contact with so much tiredness. I have been spinning so fast for so many years, always on the alert around my children. Now things are going well with them and every month that goes by I can relax more and more. All week I've rested as much as I could. I spend a lot of time alone. This is a transition time. I'm letting go of a lot of tensions and old identifications.

This morning led class first series. Body was shaky and stiff, the monkey mind was chattering a lot, I just went on, accepted, breathed, sweated. Afterwards I felt really refreshed. Tomorrow resting day and on Sunday Mysore.

Had a wonderful work day, wonderful meetings with patients. I have such a rewarding job. After work I spent two hours in the park reading and drinking the sun's rays.

A woman sunbathes on the beach.

Tomorrow I plan to sleep late and spend all day in the sun.
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