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Aerial Yoga | NYC

Posted by Pravassa

Yoga is no longer just yoga! Gimmicks, new names and new instructors are popping up all the time. Read our latest review on Aerial Yoga in NYC. 

Class: Open Level Aerial Vinyasa
Length: 60 mins
Cost: $20
Studio: Om Factory| Union Square
Instructor: Sandhi Ferreira
What to expect: Aerial Yoga fuses traditional yoga asana with aerial dance using a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling and dropping two feet above the floor. The anti-gravity effect of hanging allows you to invert without spine compression while also relieving knee pressure—perfect for beginners or those with problem-areas. Om Factory studios in both Union Square and the Fashion District offer beginner to advance aerial. The bright and airy Union Square facility includes a change room with showers but leave your mat and bling at home—as mats are free and you’ll be kindly asked to remove jewelry before starting.

Our take: Entering the reception-area, I caught eye of the looming fabrics through the glass doors—bright orange and pink silk hung down.

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Thanks for providing us information relating "Yoga". can you tell the differences between "Yoga" and exercise that we do usualy for building body. As i know Yoga is compact and help to improve concentration level as well as Energy level. M i right?


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