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Adjustments : Surrender

Posted Dec 26 2009 12:00am

002  A major benefit of studying with an experienced & knowledgeable teacher is being the recipient of physical adjustments in asana.

Adjustments can bring up a slew of things : sensation , resistance , fear , anger , neediness (  As in , why didn't I get adjusted today ? )  & even lawsuits. 

I view them as vehicles of exploration , intuition & liberation. The teacher can hear your breathing and determine how much deeper to take you ( over the abyss, he he ) , and by trusting & surrendering to this wisdom , the expansion & liberation happens. The key here is  to     " surrender " , to go with the flow and move with it onwards.

The most amazing adjustment I have received recently is while in Baddha Konasana ; where my teacher ( his teacher was known for this ) stood on my thighs as he pressed my chest onto the floor. There was that nano-second of a mental " No way " , when I first realized that this was not going to be a "hands-on adjustment" but a full blown body weight experience. But once I welcomed the sensation , and surrendered ( i.e. relaxed ) into it , I literally & mentally became an open book .

The above image is from an inner garden @ Nirvana Gavea . Shiva Nataraja standing or balancing on the demon Apasmara , a symbol of ignorance.

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