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A Yoga Mixed Bag -- More on Ahimsa, 20% Off, Organic Flowers, Chocolate Cake, & Live Kundalini Meditation

Posted Feb 11 2009 2:37pm

My last post sparked a bit of a passionate discussion about ahimsa and vegetarianism (if you'd like to read Deepak Chopra's opinion on this, click here ). I like to think about ahimsa in regards to lesser highly debated terms -- ahimsa in speech and action. Just yesterday I was confronted with a situation that had me questioning whether or not I was practicing ahimsa. Basically, I wanted my money back for an event that I was unable to attend due to illness. My first assumption was of course my money would be refunded. After all, who doesn't understand that being ill is out of our control? My assumption was wrong.

My intention was to get my money back and I did, but not before things got a bit more complicated than I had anticipated. I was told that my getting a refund would put the organizers of the event at a loss. Being that the organizers are throwing this event again in the future due to the success of last week's event, I had trouble believing what I was told. Still, I found myself wavering -- should I take a loss or would I be harming someone else by getting my refund, which I truly felt I deserved (especially since a cancellation/refund policy was never communicated to me). Let's just say that I'm still thinking about this one and my use of ahimsa in my daily life.

Lo and behold, today I find an interesting Web site that addresses this very question and other, broader questions. Check it out, here. I found the Questions page on this site to be quite thought-provoking. Are you ready to take the vow?
Take The Vow of NonViolence at

My next tidbit of the day is for yoga clotheshorses that love a bargain -- Fertile Goddess is offering 20% off all orders. To take advantage of this excellent deal, simply enter coupon code NEWUCMP20 upon checkout. Happy shopping!

And since I'm on the topic of shopping, if you want to give flowers this Valentine's Day, you can go organic. Who knew? Click here for a lovely variety of fresh, eco-friendly flowers that can be delivered nationwide.

If you're more a chocolate person than a flowers person, how does a double chocolate cake sound? A yummy recipe is featured in this month's Copra newsletter. Enjoy!

As all of the Kundalini yogis out there now -- the Aquarian Age is upon us. The Kundalini community is celebrating with a 1,000 day meditation, which can be viewed live on February 11th at 9:00PM EST. Click here tomorrow evening to participate live.

Hope you enjoyed this post o' plenty!


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