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A Slice of Slice!!

Posted Sep 05 2008 12:00am

Things are moving very fast right now at rehearsals. They have to as show opens Tuesday fortnight. I am now facing up to that....prevously I wouldn't even look at the calender I was so terrified!

We had rehearsals Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week and we'll have a 4 hour one this Sunday. I missed Tuesday due to House moving and building etc, etc. Good news is we have someone to play Eric!! His 1st rehearsal was Tuesday. He is the Principal Character and has 2 weeks to learn all his lines, songs and dance routines!! Will he manage it?? I'll tell you after opening night!

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I applied to Dublin Bus, on behalf of The Theatre Group, for a grant under their Community Support Programme last February. We were told we were receiving an award but had to attend their awards ceremony to hear the amount!The cermony took place yesterday in Croke Park conference centre. Now, bearing in mind all the upheaval at home at the moment, I was determined I was gonna go to it. After all it was me who put the time and effort into the application! So I got snuggles minded after school by his best friend's parents and off I went in my glad rags!

Didn't know what to wear for a lunchtime function. Not too business like and not to weddingy like I reckoned! Sooo, while in Dungarvan (listen up Sesame!!) I got a great bargain in Shaws! Yes, that's right old fashioned Shaws!! Fab sparkly tops ( In a concession shop for younger people....even though I'm in my 40's!) down from €41 to € 16!!! I couldn't decide which I wanted so I bought 2!! Ok, I digress....I wore my newly acquired peach halter neck sparkly top and cream trousers with my "going away" gold shoes and hand bag. I got married 11 years ago and I still get to wear thoes shoes every year!! I LOVE them!

But I digress again...back to my story. Yes, the awards. I was not expecting it to be such a huge event! MC for the event was Mary Kennedy, Brian Lenihan gave out the top awards (€5000). Niall Quinn is the patron and gave 2 very entertaining speeches! He was very funny! Bertie Ahern was there as were the Olympic Boxers and other sporting people including our FEMALE boxing champion Kate Taylor! I didn't even know female boxing was a sport!

There were 500 people in attendance and we all got a goody bag! Travel based one...Travel mug, a great fold up brolly, disposable camera and a Rambler ticket!! 4 course meal of course with vino!! Yum, Yum.

Oh, nearly forgetting the important bit.....the money!! There were over 1000 applications and only 200+ were succesful. 3 Amounts give out: €5000, €2000 and €1000 . We were expecting €1000 but we received €2000!! We're absolutely thrilled! Makes such a difference to us. We have to send in receipts to get the money but that's no costs €4000! I guess I ticked all the right boxes on that application form!

I left the house yesterday (after getting Snuggles to school from "new" house for the 1st time!) at 9.40am and didn't get home til 4.50pm. Then it was straight into homework...went well considering that Wednesday was a disaster! Then back to our house to get him changed for soccer! he's liking the soccer....only joined last April and coping very well. Daddy brought him to soccer while I walked Scamp! All home by 8.00pm then it was off to rehearsals for me!!

I was there in body only believe me! A figment of everyone's imagination! I'm knackered even writing about it!!!

You know, things ain't shaping up to bad at all. Only another couple of numbers to set...the big stuff is mostly done. Most of them are off book now so they know their lines. Hmmm....I'm gonna get my head around it and prepare myself for Sundays rehearsal. Fingers crossed!!
P.S. I am SO crap at this!! The pictures are all over the place. I'm such a technophobe I'm afraid!
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