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A Heart Beats Away!

Posted Sep 13 2008 1:05am

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”
-Joseph Campbell
The Mars Orbiter Camera captured this image of a heart-shaped hill some 279 yards wide on the south polar region of the planet.

The human race has developed the technology to peer millions of miles out into space and to project and reflect sentiments of love and care from a distant planet. Man is also capable of looking deep within the human body to witness beating heart cells, awed by the persistence of nature.

Curiously, whenever a new year marches in we become aware of being a bit off beat and do a little hop,skip and jump to try and catch up. Yes, I'm speaking of resolutions and goals for the new year. It's a natural urge: to grow and improve.

Highly evolved as we are, we tend to begin each year with similar declarations. Similar to those of others and similar to our lists of years past.

We all do some amazing things out there in the world. Most of us create, change, save and/or better the lives of others. Yet when it comes to those things we'd like to do for ourselves, it's stop procrastinating, drink more water, lose weight, etc. Don't we deserve all of that and more?

I like the idea of developing a new habit every month, as this blog suggested in 2006. Aside from the author's mundane "drink more water" habit, his thesis sounds much more doable than an entire list of resolutions to be worked on from Day One. What do you really want to be, do or have in the new year? Let's come up with goals that will make our old resolutions look timid and meager.

The old year is usually represented by a weary Father Time, hobbling off into oblivion and the new year comes eagerly crawling in as a baby. Let's resolve to put some joy into this next year, let's make this baby laugh with glee!

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