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A Cynical New Yorker's Journey Into the World of Yoga

Posted Jun 06 2008 12:00pm 1 Comment

Take one yoga enthusiast filmmaker who firmly believes that yoga can change her friend's life and a cynical New Yorker who has zero expectations of enlightenment and is full of cynicism and what do you have? A new documentary called Enlighten Up! The film documents the cynic's immersion into the yoga world, complete with visits to yoga classes far and wide (in both America and India). Will the filmmaker prove her point that yoga can transform anyone? I don't know but it sure would be fun to watch!

Interesting, eh? I had to laugh at some of the main character, Nick's, experiences. I think anyone that's dipped a toe in the yoga pool (which is deeper than it looks at first glance) can attest to the fact that the journey isn't an easy one. It can be confusing with all of the different teachers, philosophies and styles of yoga out there. I've taken a class/workshop with a good number of the U.S. yoga teachers featured in the film and I know from firsthand experience that although they are teaching the same thing -- yoga -- that they are all vastly different in terms of style and philosophy. That can be confusing and disconcerting at best for a newcomer. I have to admit -- I'm curious to see how Nick gets on. I might have to stay in suspense for quite a bit.

The film debuts next week at the Maui International Film Festival but I couldn't find information about any U.S. screenings. I'll keep checking though because I think that this movie about the seemingly chaotic world of yoga is going to be worth watching.


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Sounds hilarious (although I have to admit I'm a cross between wide-eyed believer and scoffing cynic myself).
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