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“You Are What You Eat: A Yogic Diet For The Real World!”

Posted Oct 13 2010 1:06pm

What’s My Story?

I took a Reiki Master course in November 2008.  It was suggested that we not eat meat to keep our energy as pure as possible for the weekend teachings and energetic experiences.  No problem.  I figured I’d do it for the weekend and go back to my same old routine.  Well…let me tell you that after that weekend I felt like a million bucks.  Around the same time I had started a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course that touted the benefits of a yogic diet.  I figured that I had already started with the “no-meat thing” and it had felt so good that I thought I could give the yogic diet a try…just to see how I would feel.  I didn’t commit to anything…I figured that I’d just be a champion of the forty day trial and surrender to the experiment.

Well…I haven’t eaten meat since and have incorporated 90% of the yogic diet principles (I still give in to a good cuppa joe every now and then and I love my red wine).  What started out as an experiment has turned into a healthful way of eating that serves my mind, body, and spirit.  I feel better, look better, and am healthier than I have been in years.

Why Change Your Diet?

The first and most obvious reason is improved health.  Think of your body like a vehicle; the quality of the fuel you put in determines its performance and long-term physical condition.  Health is a state of balance between the body, mind, and consciousness.  If food helps determine balance in the body why not choose food combinations that give peak performance and healing results?  Each time you eat food, you are creating your future self.  Choose well for your aims.

Common Benefits

The benefits are too many to list here in a short introduction, so I thought I’d include the ones I’ve experienced:  increased energy and vitality, better digestion and elimination, restful sleep, improved skin, weight loss, feeling of wellbeing, stable moods, and my senses have heightened.  Who doesn’t want more of that?

What Are The Yogic Diet Basics?

The three new food groups:

  1. Sun Foods – grow more than three feet above the ground.  They absorb the maximum energy from the sun.  These foods elevate consciousness.  Examples:  fruit, nuts, avocados, dates, coconuts.
  2. Ground Foods – grow within three feet above the ground.  They have more earth energy, less from the sun, and are high in nutrients.  Examples:  beans, rice, breads, and green veggies.
  3. Earth Foods –   grow below the ground.  They have great energy from the Earth.  They have healing properties.  Examples:  potatoes, turnips, beets, garlic, ginger, and onions.

What About Protein?

The body only needs about 35 grams of protein per day.  Our Western diet includes about 120 grams daily.  Wow eh?  Let’s delve head-first into the “meat” issue.  What it actual is, is a “protein issue.”  Proteins are the hardest food group to digest and meat is the most difficult protein for our systems to process.  So, why not opt for alternatives that are better for our body?  The Yogic diet recommends eating easily digested proteins such as simple dairy products, veggies, and legumes all of which provide ample sources of protein that are easier to digest than meat.

Foods To Avoid

From stressing the liver, to stomach irritants, disturbing sleep, to hear trouble…there are many scientifically proven foods that should be eliminated from our diet for best health.  Here are just few foods that the Yogic diet recommends you steer clear of:  white sugar, salt, nicotine, white bread, alcohol and caffeine.

I invite you to “give-it-a-go”.  Try the yogic diet and be the champion of your own forty day trial.  Surrender to the experiment and find out what works for you!


If you enjoy my blog writing and want to use a blog entry for your own site, you have my permission as long as you include this complete blurb with it.


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