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“Keep On Showing Me The Way!”

Posted Apr 22 2010 1:49am

DAY 108…April 22, 2010.  Last entry.


Upon awakening every morning…bow down, in the deepest and humblest gratitude, to the Infinite Divinity within you.


In Kundalini Yoga when we bow down…yes it is a reverent act.  It is a deep acknowledgment.  Bowing before your highest consciousness…the divine wisdom within you.  This spiritual recognition is something that just happens now without having to work at it.  Super big hugs and thx go to Guru Singh for putting a work like this out to all of us.  Woot Woot!

On this final entry of my 108-day experiment…I bow down in deep deep gratitude.  The journey has been an interesting delight.  An extension of my yoga practice that continues to show me “the way” of things.

I have noticed patterns of knowledge that seep out of my pours from a simple prompt.  Trust.  Vulnerability.  Authenticity.  Letting the flow..flow!

It has become a reverent act of taking time each day to tune-in to whatever comes my way and being willing to share what comes.  It is an eye opener for the work that I still need to do (especially around forgiving).  It is an eye opener to acknowledge how far I’ve come (enlightenment and soul-itude).  To honor my soul as the ecstatic being I am.   What a wonderFULL meaningFULL soulFULL ride…I’ve loved it.  And there is definitely power in following through and completing the goal (even on the days where I didn’t feel like doing it…and keeping on when I’m on vacation too).


A “Shout-Out” to SoulSista C who has been working through this writing journey too.  I can’t wait to see what your writings unfolded.  Here is to our glorious beingness and willingness to “give-it-a-try!”  Love to you sister of my soul!  Enjoy your travels.  J!

How very special to have the 108’s finish on Earth Day…love to you all…today and every day!


If you enjoy my blog writing and want to use a blog entry for your own site, you have my permission as long as you include this complete blurb with it.


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