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7 Yoga Poses For The Second Chakra: A Simple Yoga Sequence To Open Your Hips

Posted Oct 14 2011 12:02pm 1 Comment

Hanumanasana Photo courtesy of Frog Pose photo courtesy of Low Lunge Photo Courtesy of Double Pigeon photo courtesy of Baddha Konasana image from half reclining hero pose photo courtesy of Pigeon Pose image courtesy of


Yoga Sequence for the Second Chakra. The Sacral Chakra Relates to Sex, Seansuality, Relationships, Power , Money, and Creativity .

It is often called the body chakra because it is where you connect with the physical body through your senses . Located below the navel the sacral chakra is the chakra of sensuality, pleasure and sexuality. It governs how we choose our relationships and partnerships with others. When unblocked it magnetically draws others towards us. Since the Second chakra also governs our creative abilities when unblocked our creative energy flows effortlessly. The struggle for power and obsession with money are no longer distractions and finances are approached in a respectful and balanced manner.

Sounds pretty good right?

So, how does ones Sacral chakra become blocked?

Life happens!

Guilt and shame associated with sex, sexual abuse , sexual reppression, being denied creative self expression are all examples of how we can develop blockages early on. For all of these circumstances we develop a coping strategy.

Over time these coping patterns become stuck in the tissues of our body and mind. Anchored deep within the confines of our psyche and body we re-express our pain in ways we are not even consciously aware of. Unfortunately the structures of defense we have built around us meant to protect us from future harm only block us from reaching our true potential. Like a budding plant being choked out by rocks, at some point we can no longer grow holding up the weight of our own armor. The very thing meant to protect us eventually pushes us under.

This sequence for the second chakra will release pent-up tension in the hips , pelvis and thighs. These areas deal with the sacral  chakra . Since the second chakra deals with such  emotionally charged things such as money , sex, power and creativity we oftentimes carry around a lot of baggage in our hips.

When you release tension in the hips often a lot of emotion comes pouring out and you may not even realize where it’s coming from.

Have you ever gotten misty eyed during a deep hip opener?

One minute you are minding your own business in double pigeon and then from seemingly out of nowhere waterworks?

This phenomenon is nothing new, as our bodies release trauma from the sacral chakra we will on some level re-experience it. Don’t be alarmed or try to suppress it, just let it flow. This too shall pass.

Hip openers will bring to the surface feelings connected to long-buried fears past hurts and disappointments.

You may feel frustrated, sad, hurt and vulnerable all over again.The fact is your body is reprocessing the same way you might try to process things that happened in your past with a therapist. In this case the therapy is happening on a cellular level rather than a mental level.

Are you feeling blocked in your creativity? The second chakra is governs the area of creation and creativity. When blocked we are unable to share our creative gifts with the outside world.

What about your sex life ? If your sex life feels out of balance is an indicator of a second chakra that is imbalanced. Financial issues are also linked to your second chakra so if you are experiencing problems with money balancing this chakra could be of help. I am not suggesting miracles here. Doing pigeon for 20 minutes a day isn’t going to make Mr. Right materialize on your doorstep with a dozen roses nor will it guarantee you make a million dollars.

There are no quick fixes. However, try this yoga sequence and see what starts to shift for you. Be ready to deal with whatever may bubble to the surface, you may be surprised at what comes up.

Warm up with 3-5 rounds of Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation C

Savasana (5-10 minutes)

Happy Hip Opening Yogis !

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Early and strict toilet training in childhood tends to close the sacral chakra too. Undoing the wrong done through hip opening should start from opening anal sphincter the very first.



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