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Memphis, Tennessee
I am a contrarian, lawyer, problem child, Philly Eagles fan, amateur blogger, genius and Mama. I am a first-time parent, together with my beloved Husbatron, thrown into trial by fire learning to parent a child with a brain tumor in an inpatient hospital environment. My goals are to further my own... Full Bio
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May 10 2009 by TMann

Hello xoxoxmarebear -


I found your post on NTX-010 through google. On the cached version of that post you seemed to refer to a possible source for the drug -- and then the post was cut of - and the actual post contained not such information.

Do you know anywhere I might be able to get some NTX? Its for someone with late stage pancreatic whose options are narrowing with awful speed.


I apologize for troubling you, I read you suffered the loss of your own beautiful baby, which deeply saddened me. My condolences to you and your family.


Thank you for any help you may be able to give. 

Ted Mann