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Albuquerque, New Mexico
I'm a photographer/ student in ABQ, NM! Going Vegan one day at a time!
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I am a new vegan with stomach issues.

I switched to a vegan diet about a week ago and I'm extremely bloated and nauseated. It kept we awake all night last night. I have tried beano to no...

I need cooking help!!!

Okay so I learned a lot of things about the mass production of meat and dairy and it broke my heart so much I completely stopped eating it. I LOVE...

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Dec 01 2009 by jennyd82

I'm glad that you are feeling better and finding your way. 

What did you eat for Thanksgiving?  I had the most delicious Indian dish - and was almost sick as my family ate Turkey.  I do cook meat for the family sometimes, but in small quantities - I refuse to cook meat that looks like the animal.  Ha ha.

Nov 24 2009 by jennyd82

Texas is certainly interesting, but Austin is such a fun city!  I'm trying to see all the states while I'm here.  My hubby will get transferred to Europe next year.

How is your tummy?  I started as a vegetarian, but then turned to a vegan diet when I started college.  So my introduction wasn't so instant!

Nov 22 2009 by jennyd82
Albuqerque is a neat place.  I loved the balloon fiesta.  My hubby has family in Santa Fe and that is where we spent the majority of time.  I like Austin, the rest of Texas is hit and miss.  I'm an Aussie, so the whole America lifestyle takes getting used to.

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