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N. Haledon, New Jersey
I've been going through depression i'm not sure how long,To long, Also have stills disease, fibromyalga, arthritis /w/ autoimmune deficiency, restless limbs, I'm my worst enemy, no compliments will come from me, Especially right now, sorry.... Happily married, One beautiful 2yrold son, I use to write poetry, wrote one recently afters years, Into art, painting, Any type of art really, Haven't done any of that for a while either, into organic when we can, Into anything having to do with the... Full Bio
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my 2yr old son is still not potty trained.....

we've Put Him On The Potty, and big potty with potty seat, But seems afraid, and just say down,down... We haven't pushed it though really, I...


It's not a good time right now, I am so sick of myself it's unbelievable, i keep on asking why am i here, to bring dispair, and unhappiness, i...
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Mar 15 2009 by Jo H.

Hi Joanna,

I am so happy that we are friends and thank you for telling me your real name. The way I see it,worthless doesn't fit you at all! I understand how you feel as well, I am in chronic pain myself and diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but it has been devastating to me. My career,social life,weight have all changed dramatically due to this pain. The depression, I can manage because I remember who I used to be before the pain, and I keep a goal at being as close to that person as I can be,just with a few changes. It was like having the rug pulled out from under my life to all of a sudden lose function and feel 99 instead of 43. Anyway, its great to meet you! I look forward to getting to know you better.