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Window Awnings can help To Save Energy

Posted Oct 10 2012 9:38am

Most of us love the warmer weather. We count down the days until we can say, “Man, is it hot.” But as soon as the temperature rises, a lot of us crank our air conditioners into overdrive.  

If you can’t take the heat, there are different ways to keep your home cool over the summer. Not only do they work, but they’re easy on the wallet and the environment - I love it when that happens. Keeping blinds and curtains closed during the day helps.

I encourage everyone to do this. But a lot of heat can get trapped between the blinds and the window. And once the heat is already in your home, cooling things down is an uphill battle. Most homeowners treat the effects of heat.

The smart ones stop them before they start. You want to stop the heat before it enters your home. Otherwise, half the battle of beating the heat is already lost – before it’s even started. And since the problem starts in nature, let’s look to nature to solve it.

How do we stay cool when we’re outside?

Just how trees keep us cool outside, they can help keep us cool inside, too. They provide a natural way to block the higher temperatures from entering our homes. If you’re thinking of landscaping, plant a few extra trees around your house. But don’t plant them near the house itself.

The extra foliage will direct water and precipitation to your home’s exterior and roof. This wears down exterior finishes and is an open invitation to leaks. Another way to block the heat and create shade is with an awning. These exterior coverings extend from the tops of windows.

They’re like visors for your home. Some homes even have a large one that extends across one side of the house – the side that gets the most sun – usually over a patio. Window Awnings are an old school solution that works.

They reduce heat gain by about 55% to 77%. They also block UV rays that can damage floors, furniture and finishes. In certain climates, awnings have proved their worth – saving homeowners as much as 25% on their energy bills. Some awnings are retractable. These are good because they let heat and light come in during the winter. Others are stationary and have to be taken down before the colder weather sets in again.

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