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why you should try Final Fantasy XIV? 3 Reasons.

Posted Sep 18 2013 5:01pm
It has been 3 weeks since Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn was released.  I am a big fun of Final Fanstay game series.
I am not going to talk about  chocobos, moogles, airships. Rather, this is about game elements common to the Final Fantasy series and why their game experience is exactly what the MMO players needs again.

Reason one---- Special Jobs system in game.

Continuing on with the thought that cluster game play is that the centerpiece of the MMO, the third core part of ultimate Fantasy is that the job system. picture categories like  Red Mages, Dragoons, Warriors, Black Mages, Paladins, White Mages, and Bards (among others) outline the ultimate Fantasy series. Even once the names ar modified, the core parts of those jobs re-emerge. mix these with well outlined talents (Aero, Stone, Protect, etc.) and you have got building blocks of a sensible party-based game.

You can choose some gathering class to gather resource in game and trade it for gil or farm gil through other means like crafting. And gamegoldfast provide plenty of  FFXIV gil  for sale, it will help you to save a lot of time.

There’s been a rather ridiculous quantity of crying in MMO’s for the elimination of the Trinity – the removal of a tank, heal, DPS (even tho' that wasn’t the initial trinity) from the genre. That cry culminated within the mediocrity of game play of club Wars two. whereas there square measure some nice concepts running regarding in GW2, net results of removing role specificity (along with dive-role based mostly combat) may be a game of semi-synchronized swimming. Nothing is difficult, we tend to all zerg, and that we perpetually win… meh.

Reason two---- to Combat with a strategy.

This lines up dead with the Party. Final Fantasy kicked off as flip-based and affected to active combat (timed turn primarily based, sort of). the stress of combat has continuously been on stratified movement – synchronizing the actions of your team or taking advantage of opportunities given the opponents actions.

The trendy MMO has migrated to the action MMO. whether or not it's outright action like DC Universe on-line or action embedded games just like the Secret World or lodge Wars two, MMO combat has for the most part devolved into a series of dive-rolls and backflips.

Reason three----Party or team is extremely important.

Final Fantasy perpetually tells a classic hero’s journey, it shares that in common with just about all fantasy. However, in Final Fantasy, the party that travels aboard the hero is  as necessary (and often even additional memorable) than the hero himself.

MMO’s have modified lately. The solo game is (over)emphasized and games like Star Wars: the recent Republic lend themselves additional to parallel solo play than to party primarily based play. I’m not sound the requirement or utility in having some solo game parts. I am, though, convinced that the MMO genre has forgotten that the core of the genre is that the party. it's my hope that A Realm converted provides USA an honest, rich, varied party-based game world.
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