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Weekly Stretch, Break 1: Remember to Yawn

Posted Oct 26 2009 5:52pm

I think, dear readers, we could all use a stretch break! Here’s a new feature–every week I plan to post the Weekly Stretch. There are many many sites, books, videos and sources out there to learn good human stretches for whichever part of the body you want, so I’m going to do something a little different.

What is the Internet for? Well… if you believe in puppets, the Internet is for porn. But it’s also for those gloriously adorable fiends, the Lolcats. Who live in the Internet and like to block the tubes. How do they block the tubes? By stretching of course. Like this guy.

Meerkat Stretch

Photo credit: Joeyfoto on Flickr.

Lesson of the week is: remember to yawn and grimace while you stretch. Get those fierce cheek muscles moving! Even if you don’t have adorably sharp teeth.

Want your stretch featured on the blog? Just email your photo of a stretch from your favorite pet or person to amy at inkweavedotcom, and, if you want, include a caption and link to your site.

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