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Unusual ways to get fit

Posted Apr 26 2011 9:38am
Regular exercise does more than simply keep your body healthy – it has positive effects on your emotional and psychological wellbeing, increases your self esteem and can help you to bond with your social group. In fact, many companies and business parks sponsor sports teams and other physical activities for their employees precisely so that they can reap these benefits. For a company, when employees participate in physical activities together this results in fewer sick days, a more co-operative team environment and an overall happier, more productive workforce.


However, many kinds of exercise can seem to be a chore and this feeling can put many people off beginning or staying with an exercise routine. Spicing things up with a fun and unusual activity can make people more likely to start and continue regular exercise. So, what are some unusual ways to get fit?

1) Ultimate Frisbee
Frisbee is the ultimate lazy day activity on the beach or at the park. Ultimate Frisbee transforms this simple activity into a high-stakes competitive team sport. The slight level of ridiculousness involved in treating Frisbee as a serious game keeps things fun and light-hearted, so that you can get all the benefits of competition without the stress.

2) Horse-riding and Polo
Horse-riding tones muscle groups that many people never knew they even had. The interaction with horses is both relaxing and exhilarating, especially when controlling the animal over a jump. As part of a polo team you must work with your horse and with the other members of your team, forging a close bond and learning to anticipate your teammates’ actions.

3) Dance Classes
With so many different forms of dance in the world, you will be sure to find a type that appeals to you. By training your body to follow the movements of the choreography, you will become more in tune with your inner self and learn how to move in time with your partner, or a whole group. The music will make you feel as though you are out at a club rather than getting fit, and the moves that you learn will only be of benefit to you in your social life.

4) Rock-Climbing
When you are half way up a cliff-face or a climbing wall you may find it difficult to believe that you will ever be able to haul yourself up to the top. The feeling of accomplishment you will get when you scale the entire wall will show you that you can accomplish anything – and strengthen your muscles in a very real way.

5) Archery
Archery requires strong arms and pure focus. In order to hit the target, you must block out all outside influences and inner worries, and focus only on your target. This ability will help you to focus on your goals in your personal and professional life. Indeed, some businesses are already taking advantage of its benefits, such as companies at Harwell Oxford, which has an archery club close by. Running back and forth to collect your arrows is another part of the physical activity, but you will be so eager to shoot again that it will not seem like a chore.


6) Workout whilst working

It sounds strange, but that are in fact many ways that you can get fit whilst sitting at your desk.  There are mechanical options such as stationary bike pedals that you can pedal under your desk whilst sitting to keep you moving and burning off calories, alternatively many fitness professionals recommend using a fitness ball as an office chair to improve your posture.

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