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"Top-Rated" VuRyte Document Holders: VuRyte 14 " & VuRyte 18 " 25% off and FREE Shipping

Posted Jul 14 2009 12:11am

VuRyte Document Holders are the only office computer document holder that has been approved by ergonomic experts.Quantitative research demonstrates a reduction in physical stress to the muscles in the neck area when the VuRyte Document Holders is compared to traditional side mounted copy holders or no document holder.

Additionally, the VuRyte Document Holders easily adjusts to your work environment to help reduce vision and muscular stress. Time and time again we hear from our customers who are using the VuRyte Document Holders , how much more comfortable and more productive they are as a result of switching to the VuRyte Document Holders .

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I reviewed the top-rated VuRyte Document Holder and listed the features below
-Multiple sizes:Top-Rated VuRyte Document Holder comes in 14 inch and 18 inch sizes and consists of a stand alone office document holder with black base.-

Easy to use and install. This means the VuRyte Document Holder is appropriate for all computer users. It fits all desktop computer sizes.

-Light weight and easily movable. This is important because the VuRyte Document Holder offers adjustability of the location and placement of your documents to maximize your comfort as you work on your computer.

- VuRyte Document Holder has a handy height adjustable horizontal rule (line locater). This is important because it helps you keep your eye-placement on spreadsheets and fine print, this feature significantly reduces computer-related eye strain and Ergonomic Eye Problems.

- VuRyte Document Holder has a heavy duty clip that holds books and bound materials wide open. Allows for easy viewing and reduced eye and neck strain and can be used with any document size.

- VuRyte Document Holder has a clear easel. This means it can partially cover lower screen without obscuring image, again, improving your computer ergonomic set-up and posture.

- VuRyte Document Holder is hyper-adjustable. It will fit into the most cramped work environments and fits your computer, no matter what size monitor you are using.

-The VuRyte Document Holder gets my highest endorsement for cost effectiveness. This means you can be confident you are getting a product that has high quality and customer satisfaction!-VuRyte Document Holder adjusts vertically (over 7" of travel) to preferred position. VuRyte Document Holder offers the maximal range of adjustability in order to provide you with optimal computer ergonomic adjustments and set-up.

- VuRyte Document Holder angle and depth adjustments adapt the easel to your keyboard. This is key because this means this product slides away easily so that you will maintain optimal posture and document positioning, thus maximizing your productivity and preventing computer-related pain.

More on VuRyte Document Holders including these items, click any link below or this link here: VuRyte Document Holders

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VuRyte Document Holders: Ergonomic Guidelines
VuRyte Document Holders Reduce Computer Pain, Reduce Computer Eye Strain
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Buy VuRyte Document Holder in 14" or 18" Now: 25% off, FREE Shipping
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