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Top 15 Most Popular Posts at Home Treatment for Repetitive Stress

Posted Dec 20 2008 7:37pm

Something funny has happened. Ever since I moved my blog over to its own domain, the old posts that migrated with it haven’t gotten many hits. In fact, the old site is still getting plenty of random search traffic, and I can’t find a good way to redirect them all over here.

Since the blog is continually refreshing, I thought it may be useful to aggregate old articles and send you to the most popular and useful information so you don’t have to do a lot of searching. I installed a handy little widget but it doesn’t seem to be getting any information for some reason. [edit: it's because I didn't have wp-stats enabled--soon it should start updating with recent info.]

So, I’ve compiled my own “Most Popular” list based on my old and new statistics (thanks google analytics and wordpress!) I hope this helps you find what you need. If not, send me a note or search the blog using the bar at the top.

[Edit: I know some of these old articles have messed up formatting or some out of date information. So I'm going to be doing some housekeeping around here and trying to fix them up, update the information and make them presentable again. Thanks for your patience! As of 12/15 all the broken links are fixed, so that's a start. Now without further ado...]

Top 15 Most Popular Topics:

  1. A Comprehensive List of Alternative Ergonomic Keyboards
  2. A Comprehensive List of Alternative Ergonomic Mice
  3. A Comprehensive List of Alternative Pointing Devices (Alternatives to Mice)
  4. Paraffin Wax Therapy — Part 1 [Description] and Part 2 [Directions]
  5. Contrast Baths –Relieve Stiffness, Swelling and Pain Without Ice
  6. Using Chinese Medicine Balls for Therapy Part 1 and Part 2
  7. Ice Massage - Quick Cold Treatment
  8. Elbow Supports for Aching Forearms
  9. Free Rest-Break Software to Help Prevent RSI
  10. What Is Alternative Medicine?
  11. Alternative Therapies for Treating RSI
  12. Common Sense Tips to Help you Heal
  13. Ten Tips for Safe Stretching
  14. Thumb Pain — Tenosynovitis and the Smartphone Syndrome
  15. Will Obama Bring Back Ergonomics Regulations?

Do you have a favorite post that you don’t see posted here? Anything you want to see more of? Let me know in the comments.

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