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The Need for Home Treatment for ...

Posted Dec 13 2008 11:36pm

The Need for Home Treatment for Repetitive Stress Injuries

Wednesday, October 3, 2007 7:23

More and more health professionals and companies are recognizing repetitive stress injuries such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and tennis elbow (epicondylitis) as a genuine health concern for office professionals, factory workers, and other employees.

Yet the health services being provided aren’t enough.  Worker’s compensation is being cut back, and companies aren’t always willing to supply their employees with the more expensive ergonomic tools, such as alternative keyboards and mice, that would help reduce the problem.  Doctors and physical therapists can offer some relief, but ultimately the problem is a chronic one, and unless a patient changes his lifestyle, he might need to seek continual treatment.

It’s easy to blame computers, but it’s our relationship with them that causes us pain and problems.  We’re a very work- and productivity-focused culture, and cutting back on work hours is embarrassing for some, and simply not an option for others.

When you’re sitting in front of the computer in pain, it can be a nightmare to think about how you’re going to make dinner that night, let alone learn to navigate the complicated politics, health bureaucracy and technical jargon involved in seeking professional help.

So this web site is an ongoing project, a compilation of the knowledge and techniques I’ve learned in the past few years, of how to manage your pain at home and get back to life as usual.

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