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the most of the main cannot play.

Posted Dec 27 2012 2:28am
In early December 7 game 6-1 negative, recent four games and lost three games (of course, this how many and the schedule. The forest Wolf continuous encounter heat [micro bo], thunder and the knicks). So far, the forest Wolf is averaging 95.5 points in the league, air max 2012 only a 20; On the offensive efficiency is only 21 a ranking. Real shooting, forest Wolf also only in 24th. But the defensive end, the forest Wolf defensive efficiency and averaging points (94.4) are discharged into the league's top 10 (eight). Similar with the bulls, the forest Wolf is also heavy keep light tapping team. But with the bulls is different, the forest Wolf averaging round number, and the sun, tied for the top 10 in the league. In addition, in rebounds efficiency, wolves in the league. Timberwolves sticking point out on the offensive end, not only attack inefficiency, and ShiWuLv only coordinate ranked 24th (qiao, and the coordinate is the rockets). Can the rockets won four straight, with the strong offensive firepower without horse. Over the past four games, the rockets games are under the astonishing 118.75 points, attack efficiency is also at the league. air max 2012 mens Four games down, in the face of defensive efficiency were ranked second and fourth bear, the bulls in the first half, the rockets are often can get double-digit lead, and broken grizzlies continuous and field will limit points below 100 points proud record.Specific para, this also will be LinShuHao and Ritchie rubio, who in the NBA [micro bo] playing second cross swords. February 12, the knicks away to 100-98 win over Minnesota, LinShuHao scored twenty points 6 rebounds and assists, three steals rubio, who was 12 points and eight times air max 2012 womens combination were 3 steals. The "fight again, the fundamentals of a good pass two people, will be dedicated to the wonderful drama, is worth looking forward to. In addition, Kevin - low [micro bo] play out, formulated for tomorrow, but also can return key. Starting prediction: the rockets: LinShuHao, James haddon, chandler - parsons, marcus - morris, Europe mill - made o; The forest Wolf: jose - Barry and, ALaiKeXi - ShiWeiDe, andrei kirilenko, Nick pull - pelosi's families, low. According to the Associated Press reported that, in the end just the NBA [micro bo] during the regular season, the Houston rockets home to a 120-97 victory over the Chicago bulls, cheap air max 2012 after the game, the Associated Press to related person on the interview, we will select the original are as follows: the rockets, wash the bulls, James haddon scored 26 points, LinShuHao [micro bo] scored twenty points and 11 assists, the mill - made o cut down twenty points and rebounds, chandler - parsons scored 23 points, marcus - morris also have ten points. The rockets in the last seven games won six games. "The mill is a great player," rockets coach Kevin McHale said, "tonight he sent out of the cap, grabbed the rebound, passing is also very good, and for us to do a lot of high quality cover, tonight he played very well." Made in this season, averaging 10.6 points and 11.4 rebounds for the rockets, tonight is perhaps his best this season a. Made the o in received warm applause welcome, but soon, the bulls fans began to hiss him, especially when he got to the free-throw line when. But made o said, return to Chicago, will
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