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Squidoo Lens: Computer Ergonomics: Risk Factors

Posted Jul 01 2009 5:42am
This is excerpt from Squidoo Lens " Computer Ergonomics"

Ergonomic risk factors are actual attributes of the work or set-up of the computer that can cause or exacerbate a painful condition or injury. There are several ergonomic Risk Factors in Computer Ergonomics.

The primary ergonomics risk factors for Computer Ergonomics problems like Cumulative Trauma Disorder and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include: repetitive motions, poor support, awkward posture, forceful movements and overall poor workplace ergonomics set-up. All of these ergonomic risk factors can simply and easily be reduced or eliminated. Prevention is cost-effective and easy, compared to the alternative of living in pain, high medical costs, therapy or surgery and lost time or lost work efficiency.

The main causes or ergonomic risk factors of Computer Ergonomics problems related specifically to the workstation design or set up. Often time we see very poor ergonomics set up with laptop users due to the inherent inability to adjust the various components of the computer such as the screen, mouse and keyboard. Here is a list of the computer set-up related causes and ergonomic risk factors:
-Awkward and poor posture
-Repetitive motions and tasks
-Forceful movements
-Poor workplace set-up
-Sitting in same posture for continuous long hours
-Lower back and /or leg support is inadequate
-Poor lighting
-Documents and monitor screen not at same angle and plane
-Keyboard and computer mouse not at same angle and plane

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