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Spring and summer is just around the corner

Posted Sep 07 2008 7:57pm

Ring Ring. Why it is our phones seems to be busy with those new “I need to get in shape” enquires only on warmer winter days, than colder ones. The smart ones are now thinking that the warm winter creamy soups and the continuing extra serving of hot chips on the side may not have been a good idea.

Oooops! So What should I do to get ready for spring and summer and drop that winter weight?

1. Change your attitude
As soon as you stop giving yourself the excuse that missing your exercise sessions is ok because your bed is warmer, or thinking that bigger portions is ok because , in winter is NOT ok. Only then you will change.

2. Decide on a goal
For example - Look great in your swimsuit this summer, feeling more vibrant than ever before,

3. Stop the comfort foods
Making a little sacrifice over winter means that you can enjoy those warmer months with your friends and family. So cut back the portions, decrease the heavy foods at night and drink more water and decrease your alcohol consumption

4. Move more
You can do this by parking the car further away at shopping centre, Getting off at one stop earlier if you take public transport to work, increasing a fitness session a week, getting the Winter starter pack (see below)

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