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Sore right arm when it is straightened

Posted by editspf

My right arm is sore whenever I straighten it.  I feel the soreness right inside the bend area in the middle.  I am at a computer at work all day and it is bent most of the day.  Can this be the cause?
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You may have a tendonitis or other repetitive strain condition from prolonged computer postures and work. It is very common these days to to the number of hours we spend at our computers at home and then at work.  The continued flexed position of the elbow and even wrists and shoulders can cause fatigue and even reduce the blood flow to working tissues, thus causing your soreness. Most of the time easy and simplte modifications to your posture and work set-up fix the problem.

I have a website that has free instructions on how to properly set up your laptop or desktop computer, additionally you can get a FREE computer ergonomics guide with tips on optimizing your reaching zones, ergonomic guidelines for computers and tips on painfree mousing!

Good luck!

Nicole Matoushek MPH, PT

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