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Shoo The Flu: Free Flu Shots for Bay Area Kids

Posted Dec 04 2012 10:57am

FluShotposterTypically here at TotalWellness we focus on corporate flu shot programs . But this week we're excited to announce an awesome program that focuses on a completely different audience: children.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Page Family Foundation, every child in the San Francisco Bay Area, from ages 4 through 18, can receive a free flu shot at participating Target Pharmacy® locations through the Shoo The Flu program. This will not only help protect children against the ravages of influenza, but also everyone with whom they come in contact. Since all young children are at risk of developing life-threatening complications because of the flu, it's imperative to get the word out, especially to parents who can't afford to vaccinate their family. 

Wayne Osborne, a representative for the Page Family Foundation, says there is no specific goal for the number of children to receive the free flu vaccine, and every child immunized helps improve the health of the community.

"One of the best ways to fight the spread of flu to adults, especially the elderly, is to vaccinate our children," Osborne said. "While many adults have the opportunity to receive a flu vaccine through their work or programs sponsored by organizations, immunizing children is often forgotten. For some children the cost of a flu shot could be prohibitive, so Larry and Lucy want to remove that obstacle and increase the number of children immunized this flu season with a goal of vaccinating as many children as possible in the San Francisco Bay Area."

TotalWellness is proud to help support this worthy cause by coordinating the logistics and program details. Shoo The Flu is a big grassroots campaign so we are encouraging everyone to "+1" us on Google and " Like" us on FacebookThis program runs through December 31 and there is no cap, so please encourage everyone to participate and spread the word!

Learn more about the program at .

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