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On Squidoo: Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel: Contour Mouse

Posted Jul 01 2009 5:27am
Excerpt from Squidoo Lens: " Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel"

An Ergonomically designed Computer Mouse is a MUST. We have researched and reviewed and now recommend these computer mouse designs as the best computer mouse designs for computer-related carpal tunnel syndrome. Here are the most highly expert recommended computer mouse designs for carpal tunnel syndrome and carpal tunnel pain because these computer mouse designs address the primary ergonomic causes of computer-mouse related carpal tunnel syndrome pain.If you have any questions, please send us a question in our "The Clinic" page question form. Simply click this Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel resource link here: Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel-The Clinic

One of the best Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel designs is the Contour Perfit Computer Mouse.The Contour Perfit Optical Mouse is highly recommended by clinical and ergonomic experts as one of the Best Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to its unique contour design and multiple sizes for the left and right hand thus ensuring an optimal fit and significantly reducing strain and fatigue of the hand and fingers while performing computer mousing operations.

To make sure you are choosing the best ergonomic computer mouse for carpal tunnel syndrome, follow these simple steps:

Ensure the proper size and fit of your computer mouse: Follow the Hand / Computer Mouse sizing chart guidelines. see chart here: computer mouse /hand sizing chart

If you have a large hand, for optimal fitting, you must use a large sized computer mouse, if you have a small hand, for optimal fitting you must use a small computer mouse.

Contour Perfit Optical Mouse comes in five different sizes for the Right hand computer mouse, three different sizes for the Left hand, it is the #1 recommended Ergonomic Computer Mouse for multiple size needs.

Ensure the computer mouse contour and shape should fit the users hand: Typical shapes are the straight mouse or the kidney-shaped mouse. The contour of the mouse refers to how the mouse arches and conforms to the shape of the hand thus providing optimal postural support.

Make sure your Computer mouse is compatible with your dominant handedness: If you are left handed- you must use a left handed computer mouse.

See Contour Perfit Computer Mouse for Left Hand and Evoluent Vertical Mouse for Left Hand. Contour Perfit Mouse offers 3 sizes in the left-hand version and five sizes in the right -hand version.

Please see the Contour Perfit Computer Mouse Product Reviews and Product Awards this superior computer mouse has won.

To read more about the Contour Perfit Mouse, to use the Computer Mouse/Hand Sizing Chart or to read the numerous clinical studies, testimonials and product awards for the Contour Computer Mouse and to see more reasons why we know it is one of the best designs for Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel, or to BUY NOW LOWEST PRICE ON THE WEB & FREE SHIPPING, please click this easy link: Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel
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