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On Squidoo: Best Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: RollerMouse PRO

Posted Jun 30 2009 5:28pm

Read full Squidoo Lens, click here: " Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel "

Contour's RollerMouse Classic and RollerMouse PRO are considered one of the Best Ergonomic Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel designs for computer-related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because the design eliminatesd the excessive back and forth motions and awkward positioning of a traditional computer mouse which causes strain, inflammation and swelling within the carpal tunnel.For more information, including how the RollerMouse PRO compares with the RollerMouse Classic, or to BUY NOW LOWEST PRICE ON THE WEB & FREE SHIPPINGsimply click here:

Why the Contour RollerMouse designs weigh in as one of the best Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel :
Reduce Excessive Side to Side and/or Back & Forth Motions, Contour Roller Mouse Classic was designed to reduce awkward computer mouse reach postures and ease computer-related pain of the shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist and hand. because it eliminates the side to side swaying and the back and forth motions required with traditional computer mouse use.
Now recently, Contour Design announced the release of its second-generation RollerMouse input device, appropriately named the RollerMouse PRO. Contour's RollerMouse input device series is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for a mouse by offering a "rollerbar" and set of buttons below the keyboard navigate and click with a cursor.
Repositiong of the Computer MouseThe unique and brilliant idea behind the Roller Mouse Classic and RollerMouse PRO is to finally provide a solution to the awkward stretch of the arm, and hand that is required for using a computer mouse and reduce the side to side and back and forth motions.
This repositioning of the mouse click and navigation functions within the keyboard platform is what helps reduce muscular pain and injury that is often times associated with repetitive use, awkward postures and does potentially increase your productivity by allowing you to keep your typing position as you control your cursor.
The Contour RollerMouse Classic and RollerMouse PRO is an alternate computer mouse product that is the first of its kind.
Read more about the RollerMouse PRO and Classic as well as why they help reduce shoulder pain, elbow pain and wrist pain, click here:
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