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Office Ergonomic Guidelines for Computer Lighting

Posted Jan 13 2009 7:16pm

Guidelines for Office / Computer Lighting and Vision Care

  • Follow Lighting Guidelines detailed on this "Office Lighting Ergonomics Guidelines" page.
  • Provide adequate general lighting. Refer to the standard light requirement based on task chart to establish appropriate lighting requirements for you based on your activities.

  • Tilt the monitor screen to minimize glare or reflections from indirect glare. Use monitor arm so that computer monitor angle is adjustable in order to optimize your computer set-up.
  • Monitor screens, if used should be placed parallel to light sources, or reflecting surfaces such as windows.
  • Utilize anti glare screen if necessary.
  • Close blinds or window shades if sunlight is a glare source.
  • Avoid placing computer monitor screen directly opposite a window or light source.
  • Keep monitor screen brightness on low.
  • Optimize position of computer monitor by using computer monitor arm.
  • Blink eyes often to maintain moisture in the eyes. Read more about reducing computer-related eye strain on our " Reduce Computer Fatigue and Pain Tips" page.
  • Also see our " Ergonomic Eye Problems" page for information on computer-related eye strain.
  • Adjust gaze and focus on an object approximately 20 feet away, frequently, such as 10 to 15 minute intervals, in order to reduce eyestrain.

Click Link for full article and Ergonomic Guidelines for Computer / Office Lighting, including the " Task Lighting Requirement" standard chart.


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