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Obesity costs $58bn causing a threat to the nation!

Posted Sep 07 2008 7:57pm

THE cost of Australia’s obesity crisis has soared to $58 billion a year as workplaces, hospitals and taxpayers bear the burden of the nation’s growing weight.

An Access Economics analysis to be released today shows the financial costs of the epidemic have almost tripled from $21 billion in 2005.

It also reveals a staggering 137% increase in cases of type 2 diabetes caused by excess weight. More than 240,000 Australians now suffer from the debilitating condition as a direct result of obesity. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, osteoarthritis and some forms of cancer have also soared as waistlines have expanded.

It is vital for individuals to take care of themselves and be conscious about leading a healthy lifestyle that includes both eating well and exercise. There needs to be a balance with the amount of calories coming into the body and calories being used!

Within our fast paced society today we have technology at our fingertips and it is easy for us to live a lifestyle that is more sedentary then in the past. It is easy to grab take away on the way home for dinner instead of cooking for the family and it is easier to be supersized by the portion sizes society presents us, it is more convenient to even order your groceries online today then go to the shops and get them yourself!

But with these options we need to consider is convenience the cheaper option in the long run. And as parents the food choices we make will influence the lifestyle habits our children develop.

We know parents are in an uphill battle with environmental and social factors in our society today influencing the kids to become more inactive, such as playstations, internet and stranger danger. All of these contributing factors are affecting our kids today to become more sedentary and inactive but we can not just say these factors are to blame… If the government and society really wants to make a difference to the fast growing rate of obesity, it is time to step up and take action. Let’s make a difference in our lifestyle today. But without change there is no change.

And individuals need to make the decision to live a healthier lifestyle. However for some the decision may be a difficult one as they are not too sure of where to start making the changes in their lifestyle.

Some may be afraid to go on a diet as they know that it is only a short stint and after the diet they are back to their old habits. You see… to live a healthy life it is all about making lifestyle choices in your everyday life. It is not about a short diet then jumping back into the old eating habits, it is about making changes and changing unhealthy lifestyle habits in the everyday life for a healthier future. And this is the reason why we wanted to take action and help families, parents and kids to lead a healthier longer life! We wanted to provide families with a simplified guide to a healthy family that they could implement and use. We spent years researching and developing our book called “Please Mum, Don’t Supersize Me!” which was released in all good book stores throughout Australia earlier this year. It is an awareness atlas and an essential guide for a healthy child. Don’t believe me, see what others have said about it!

“It’s the most successful diet of all… no pills or potions” A Current Affair – March 2008

“It’s a timely and worthwhile publication” Alan Jones, 2GB Radio

“A valuable resource and essential reading for families” Alan Thompson, head coach, Australian Swim Team

“It is a perfect fit for families who want to lead more healthy lifestyles” Christopher Guerriero founder & CEO of the National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center

We have all heard many statistics after statistic that are released but it is time for action. And we are here to take action and make a difference to assist with this growing epidemic. And as a follow up to our book “Please Mum, Don’t Supersize Me!”, we are currently in the final stages of finishing the development of a new program called “The Secrets of a Healthy Family” where we share with you what we believe are the 7 Secrets of a Healthy Family whilst also interviewing 7 health and wellness experts from around the world with their views. Because we are about helping individuals to live a long, healthy, happy life!

Richard & Joey Marc

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