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Need Ergonomic Computer Mouse? See Best Ergonomic Computer Mouse Designs (Squidoo)

Posted Jul 26 2009 11:55pm
Best Ergonomic Computer Mouse Designs (Full article on Squidoo Lens: Ergonomic Computer Mouse )

Do you use a computer more than 3 days a week for more than 4 hours a day?
If you answered yes, did you know that if you are not using an ergonomic computer mouse, you may be putting yourself at risk for adverse health effects, pain conditions, injury, cumulative trauma disorders and even sometimes debilitating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Sounds like a big threat from such a little object. Believe me, the risk is real!
Many ergonomic experts and medical professionals believe that constant repetitive use of the hand and poor computer set-up with the use of a poorly designed, ordinary mouse that comes with your computer are the primary causes the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.However, these experts have also tested, researched, evaluated, reviewed and studied the various features and reasons why ergonomic computer mousedesigns and usages is so important, especially as more and more of us use computers for work and then at home.
In fact, recent studies by Tech Dyne, International, Inc concluded that the use of a generic, poor-fitting computer mouse for a single four-hour period caused a loss of strength in the hand in arm of up to 60% and caused the muscles being used in these repetitive operations to get overused, causing inflammation and injury. This is considered the number one ergonomic risk factor for developing computer-related carpal tunnel syndrome.That is why finding the optimal ergonomic computer mouse design for you---your unique hand, is so critical.
In this Ergonomic Computer Mouse lens, I will discuss the features of a good ergonomic computer mouse , I will present the leadning-edge ergonomic computer mouse designs, that come recommended by ergonomic experts and also provide numerous links to research studies, product reviews, awards and testimonials. Additionally, I provide links to resources about other computer ergonomic set-up tips, how to reduce computer pain, what computer mouse to use with carpal tunnel syndrome and tips on pain free computer mousing! I hope you enjoy this lens!Finally, I have provided links to buy these ergonomic computer mouse designs, at 40% off MSRP and FREE shipping. These are relatively inexpensive solutions for ergonomic risk factors that may cause you more pain and suffering than you could ever imagine.
Ergonomic Computer Mouse Table of Contents: just click on any link below to go straight to that topic in the full article squidoo lens!

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