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my rt hand hurts really bad and i noticed a part of the vein is turning purple. what do you think is it?

Posted by shariah

I work in the food business, cooking, busing tables, doing dishes, everything. A few months ago while making some pancake mix my hand started cramping and it became a once in a while occurrence that i didn't give much attention to. Not a week ago my right hand started  hurting like mad and it felt like it was the veins behind the back of my hand. Sometimes it feels like washing with cold water makes the pain worse, other times i think it's just in my head. Once in a while i would feel numb through my elbow, sometimes all the way through my shoulder. Most of the time though it isn't like that. Today i started noticing a part of the veins from the back of my hand is turning purple and learned that one of my other workmates (who is much older than me) suffer the same thing. She's never gone to the doctor to have it seen so she doesn't know what it is. It really bothers me, not to mention i am having a hard time using my hands to work as efficiently as i normally do because of this 'condition'.  I don't have insurance so i'm hoping someone can tell me what it is and what i can do. Help!
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I think this can be some form of repitative strain injury, may be carpal tunnel syndrome. My best advice is go and see a docter and tell him or her you think your complaints may be work-related. Describe the work! I think the repitition of hand moves causes the problems.
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