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My husband is taking Neurontin for RLS. Will this show up in a drug test for a truck driver?

Posted by msbells58

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Neurontin is a anti-seizure medication and there may be restrictions placed upon persons taking it in regards to the operation of heavy equipment and motor vehicles, typically these are "until they are familiar with the side effects." 

I do not have any first-hand knowledge of drug test results including this drug.  Wikipedia seems to have a comprehensive write-up on it and I recommend the legal action information, precautions, precautions, withdrawal, adverse effects and recreational use paragraphs.

It appears that a spin-off drug called Pregabalin is a controlled substance and I suppose there may be some chance of the one drug being confused for the other by inexperienced drug screen administrators.  The more knowledge you have about this drug, the better off you will be in discussing its effects with your husband.

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