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Mini-notebooks Substitute for SmartPhones, Not Laptops

Posted Jan 14 2009 6:55pm

If you’re longing for a laptop and thinking about getting the cheap mini-notebooks like the EEE PC instead (retailing around $300), think again. The price tag is sweeter, but the mini-computers cost less because they can’t do as much for you as a full size desktop or laptop.

Instead, mini-computers fill a niche between a SmartPhone and a regular computer– good for those typing too much on phones and getting Blackberry Thumb or related problems from the the tiny phone-keyboard, and who need a more ergonomic portable machine.

Compared to a regular desktop or laptop machine, however, the ergonomics of these little creatures are terrible. Tiny screens and mini keyboards are made worse by the fact that the little notebooks don’t even have the same functionality as regular laptops. They’re good for web browsing and maybe some light word processing, but they don’t have the RAM or hard disk space or application support that most computer users expect today. even found that some new mini-laptop buyers actually were so disappointed with the performance of their new machines that they exchanged them for more traditional desktops or laptops.

Even regular-sized laptops work best ergonomically when users get external keyboards and other accessories to make them function more like regular computers – some suggestions for how to beef up your ergonomic setup can be found here: external keyboards and mice, other mice-like devices, keyboard trays, a laptop holder that repositions the screen at eye level, and larger plug-in LCD monitors are tools that will improve ergonomics for laptop users without compromising functionality.

So, if you are looking to upgrade from constant BlackBerry use, the little mini-notebooks might do it for you – but if you want a cheaper version of a regular laptop, you may want to reconsider.

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