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Maybe You Don't Have Flu Yet - So, Get Immune System Help In Case

Posted Nov 04 2009 11:07am

Getting some help for the immune system is a good idea right now, and there are some great products for that. Soon, the cold deep blue of winter will be here, and the Flu will not go away in all likelyhood.

One really excellent source of immune system herbal products is Native Remedies. They also have some top notch liquid herbal sublingual products which, when used in tandem, can make you as strong as you can possibly be to ward off the flu if it hits you.

I am so happy to be retired right now, as the flu season is underway. Grandkids come over and I just pray they are not carrying the H1N1, or any other flu virus from school. For me and my wife, there is never any question of seeing them under any circumstances, but we cross our fingers.

Native Remedies FLU Section <===

Just visit the link and read. Since they have several flu prevention formulas, it would be too difficult to list them all here, but the page also has links to other useful information, and products include Immunity stregtheners and products to fight the flu once you do get it.  Very useful information at Native Remedies.

When you are at work, it is impossible to avoid any contact. What if the boss is hacking?  Don't go in alone, but take 2 or 3 others in to advise him or her to go home. You have to protect your job, so taking others with is the way to go!





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