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Marketing Jobs

Posted Aug 17 2009 2:04am 2 Comments

Marketing is a very broad term that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Thus, if you are looking for Marketing jobs, it is necessary that you understand the Marketing concept in its entirety. It is never going to work if you are looking for Marketing jobs but you do not have an idea of what Marketing jobs you are looking for or what this Marketing jobs does.

To help you find Marketing jobs, then let this articles give you an understanding of a few Marketing jobs and their functions. Again, experience is necessary at some point, while for entry level jobs, you may need to have at least an understanding of what Marketing is.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of executing and planning promotional campaigns for products, services and ideas. Marketing has many different forms under it such as:


If you notice the acronyms, it sums up to the word ADS. This is probably the reason why many people think that Marketing is synonymous to advertising. While advertising is one of the main concepts under Marketing, it does not mean the same.

Now, because Marketing is such a broad word and there are branches that may seem difficult to understand, it is always necessary that if you are looking for Marketing jobs, you would have formal training with Marketing. This is one of the most important requirements for people who want to apply for Marketing jobs.

Moving on, the types of common Marketing jobs include the following:

Account Managers

Account Managers or Account Executives are the Marketing jobs for people who need to meet with clients to create Marketing strategies to help the business of the clients to reach its potential customers. They usually conduct presentations and advice the clients how to properly implement Marketing strategies.

Brand Manager

Brand Managers or Products Managers usually create Marketing strategies for actual products or brand names in case of service related businesses. While they do not often attend to clients, they will be working behind the account managers who will in turn deliver the recommendations for strategies developed by the Brand or Product Manager.

Marketing Manager

This is the person at the helm of the two previous positions. This person has to have good knowledge in all aspects of Marketing. He or she usually goes up the rank from being any of the above positions.

Marketing Assistant

This is not compulsory as the modern work place entails multi-tasking. But for Marketing entities that require this position, it usually is reserved for entry level applicants.

There are many other variations of Marketing jobs; the above Marketing jobs are the most common. Again, if you are looking for Marketing jobs, you will need formal training in the position you are applying for.

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