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Posted Nov 01 2009 10:00pm

What you put into your mind will determine your thoughts. 

Here's the best way to jump-start your thinking for the week: The November Leadership Carnival, compliments of hostDan McCarthy. Scroll through the topics and the authorities behind them, and bump up your leadership game:

Start off with Wally Bock presenting Let’s hear it for the role models posted at Momentor.

Next up is Mary Jo Asmus presenting 
Choosing posted at Mary Jo Asmus.

Anne Perschel presents 
Never Waste A Good Recession posted at Germane Insights.

Steve Roesler presents 
Team Leaders: Do You Do This? posted at All Things Workplace.

Becky Robinson presents 
Leading in Relationships posted at Mountain State University LeaderTalk.

Ideas for leaders to ponder when using metaphors to inspire followers: Jennifer V. Miller presents 
In the Family Way posted at Jennifer V. Miller.

Mark Stelzner presents 
What Costume Are You Wearing? posted at Inflexion Point.

Chris Young presents 
Maximize Possibility Blog: Are You a Victim of "Satisfactory" Performance? posted atMaximize Possibility Blog.

Bret L. Simmons presents 
Leadership Integrity: Touchy-Feely Crap? » Bret L. Simmons – Positive Organizational Behavior posted at Bret L. Simmons - Positive Organizational Behavior.

Can you teach someone to be a great leader? Or does something else have to happen? Wally Bock presents 
Can leadership be taught? posted at Three Star Leadership Blog.

Mike Myatt presents 
CEO Success...It's not Random posted at N2Growth Blog.

Everyday management lessons from a popular reality TV show: Sharlyn Lauby presents 
What I've Learned About Business From Mike Rowe posted at HR Bartender.

This post is a description of my most recent personal journey to do hard things: Michael Ray Hopkin presents 
Do hard things posted at Lead on Purpose.

Adi Gaskell presents 
How far are you spreading your talent web? posted at The Management Blog.

Alice Snell presents 
Home Grown Leaders Get Respect posted at Taleo Blog - Talent Management Solutions.

This is a list of the 7 books that were most influential in my develop as a leader: Tom Glover presents 
7 Books That Made Me the Leader I Am Today posted at Reflection Leadership.

Some important takeaways from the recent "Talent Management Challenge" around Strengths focus and Self-assessments: Amy Wilson presents 
A Couple Things to Learn about Leadership posted atTalentedApps.

The most important actions that foster engagement aren't rocket science; they just require a little consideration and common sense. Miki Saxon presents 
Ducks In A Row: The 7 Word Genius Of Engagement : Leadership Turn - Articles, tips, and resources about leadership. posted at Leadership Turn.

Lisa Rosendahl presents 
On NOT Making a Decision posted at Lisa Rosendahl.

Building the bench is not reserved for good economic times. It is just as critical when times are tough and is a critical leadership responsibility. Tom Magness presents 
Building the Bench posted at Leader Business.

Chris Young presents 
Maximize Possibility Blog: Are You a Victim of "Satisfactory" Performance? posted atMaximize Possibility Blog.

Bill Matthies presents 
Business Wisdom: Words to Manage By posted at Business Wisdom: Words to Manage By.

Janna Rust presents 
Leadership & Management: What's the Difference? posted at Purposeful Leadership.

If you're looking to develop leadership talent in your organization, start by getting the support of your top executives. According to the preliminary results of i4cp's major new study on leadership competencies, conducted in partnership with the American Management Association, executive support is the number-one factor that contributes to proper leadership development. Erik Samdahl presents 
It Takes Good Leadership to Develop Good Leaders - i4cp posted at Productivity Blog.

As more and more followers yearn for their leaders to be real, this post explores what steps are needed to lead with authority. Eric Pennington presents 
So Many Masks, So Little Time posted at Epic Living - Leadership Development Career Management Training Executive Life Coaching Author.

Management must strive to transform their organizations into engaged and authentic communites during the next 10 years. David Zinger presents 
Henry Mintzberg on Creating a Community of Employee Engagement posted at David Zinger Associates.

Anna Farmery presents 
Who is at the centre of your world? posted at The Engaging Brand.

Wayne Turmel presents 
Why can't IT speak our language? posted at TPN :: The Cranky Middle Manager Show.

Silence truly is golden, it allows your mind to soar, explore and be creative; it also encourages you to become friends with yourself. Miki Saxon presents 
MAPping Company Success posted at MAPping Company Success.

Nick McCormick presents 
Ready to Take ?The Leap?? posted at Joe and Wanda on Management.

There are many theories on every aspect of leadership. The reason for this amount of theories is that leadership is complex and variant. Given the importance of effective leaders in any organization, the companies try to ask many questions for evaluating leadership characteristics of a candidate. Nissim Ziv presents 
Leadership Interview Questions and Answers: Examples of Skills for Leaders posted at Job Interview & Career Guide.

Dan's note: this one's a little off the theme of leadership, but it's a great list of writing resources: Barbara Williams presents 
The Ultimate Guide to Better Business Writing: 100 Tips, Tools, and Resourcesposted at Online Degree

Albie presents 
Your personality affects your global leadership style posted at iDevelopWorld.

Bill Bubenicek presents 
10 Ways To Get A Seat On A Small Business Advisory Board posted

Here are a few tips to help you create powerful presence when you open any presentation: Angela DeFinis presents 
Create a Powerful Presence posted at DeFinis Communications.

Kara Wirt presents 
Good questioner = good person posted at Dr. G.

Linda Jones presents 
101 Business Books Everyone Can Learn From posted

This post is about how managers can help survivors of layoffs and keep them productive and committed to the company: Aaron Windeler presents 
Helping survivors through layoffs: the importance of feeling in control posted at Scientific Management.

Trent Cotton presents 
7 Ways to Increase Morale and Productivity posted at Helping Businesses Succeed.

Wise_Bread presents 
How to Get Laid Off by a Step by Step Guide posted at Wisebread.

Karthik Raj G presents 
What makes a good leader? posted at KARTHIK RAJ G.

I became more productive and focused throughout my day by waking up earlier. Learn the techniques I used to accomplish much more with my business. Ralph Jean-Paul presents 
How To Wake Up Early Without Hating It: My 3 A.M. Experiment posted at Potential 2 Success.

Leaders need to be sure they are taking care of themselves, so they can bring the most benefit to others. Erin Schreyer presents 
Be the Best You, To Be the Best Leader posted at Authentic Leadership.

When hiring new employees, jargon specific to the workplace should not be used or explained up front. Dallas Bragg presents 
Watch that Workplace Jargon! posted at Developing Daily.

Jane Perdue presents 
Losing Your Leadership Wings posted at Life, Love & Leadership.

Bob Lieberman presents 
The Identity Crisis posted at Cultivating Creativity – Developing Leaders for the Creative Economy.

Albie presents 
10 Reasons why you should keep a journal posted at iDevelopWorld.

This blog posts discusses how to manage whining into a constructive activity: Elyse presents 
How to manage Whining with no Problem Solving posted at Anticlue.

Note: You can also follow many of these bloggers on Twitter by using this Twitter group, courtesy of Becky Robinson.

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