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(K)now The 5 Areas of Beautiful Strength

Posted Apr 22 2009 11:22pm

I walked into a national sporting goods store and saw a Nike tee shirt with the phase “Strong is the new beautiful”.  Up until then, I never thought about beauty or health in that way.  With so much media attention paid to an “image” of beauty, we sometimes lose focus on what beauty and strength can be in other life areas.  This also apples to men as beauty and health are gaining a greater focus on their side of the fence.

 I stopped to think about if I was developing strength in the five areas of strategic wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, social and occupational.  Where is my strength in each area?  Am I working towards strength?  If not, let’s get to the big WHY?

  • Are my muscles strong to lift and bend?  Are they lean and flexible?  Can I stretch and just plain move?
  • Have I dusted out the cobwebs of any emotional issues or pain and begin to heal the past hurts?
  • Am I doing enough to educate myself by attending free webinar’s, reading, blogging, joining online user groups for support and inspiration and attending professional development classes?
  • Then there’s the social aspect with community, friends and family.  Have I been reaching out, going out and or just plain being out?   With the busyness of the past few months, we tend to hunker in for the long winter.
  • Finally, am I planning on reaching my full occupational potential?  If yes, what plans do I have to increase my value as  an employee and reach new heights in my career?

Our hearts desire can be strong.  Each of us will ask our own strength questions to see how heart healthy we’ve become.  Beauty follows with confidence, joy, youthful expression and a positive attitude of wealth and happiness.

Be healthy and fabulous!


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