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Is Your Job Making You Fat?

Posted Mar 29 2011 7:09pm
I s your job making you fat? That depends. It depends on you and what you are willing to do so that it doesn’t happen. Your job will make you fat if you allow it. Many people are fatter today compared to when they started their current job.

And fat isn’t the only problem. Our lifestyles and habits at work can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease in addition to many other health problems. This increases health care costs for us, our companies, our communities, and our country.

The health risks associated with work also contribute to absenteeism and presenteeism, showing up to work when you are sick, tired, or distracted. Both of these can decrease productivity.

Your job isn’t the only thing that you have working against you but since most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work, it has a huge impact on your health. If you don’t want to allow your health to suffer, you need to have strategies for home and work.

What’s causing all of this fat at work? Poor diets and bad eating habits, too much sitting and not enough physical activity, and even stress can cause your body to store more fat. By making healthier choices, changing habits, and simply taking better care of yourself at home and at work, you can keep your job from making you fat.


Dr. Marc Tinsley is the People Repairman™ and the founder of Fitness For The Rest of Us™.   He is a health, fitness, and wellness expert who takes the fear, difficulty, mystery, and confusion out of exercising, eating healthier, and taking better care of yourself.   He energizes individuals and organizations so that they can stop losing money, and be more productive.

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