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Is there any other diagnosis besides carpal tunnel for wrist discomfort?

Posted by webmagnets

I have wrist discomfort but no tingling.  Also my thumb joints and elbow and the finger I use to control the trackpad on my macbook are sore.  I think that it is from keeping these parts of my body tense while using the computer.  My other fingers aren't sore because I don't keep them tense.  Is there any other diagnosis besides carpal tunnel?
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It is often a combination of tension and irritation to the arms and hands but often overlooked is the neck.  We have to rmember that the brain sends messages down the spinal cord, out the nerve roots in the lower neck, down nerves in the arms and shoulders, to more nerves that pass through the elbow and carpal tunnel, and travel into the hands and fingers.  To most quickly rid your self of the problem check neck posture, alignment, and muscles as well.

This is very similar to the low back.  Nerves come together in the lower spine forming the sciatic nerve which braches off into more nerves suppling the ankles and feet.  So, like someone with hand pain must also address the neck; someone with foot pain must examine the low back as well.

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