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Impact Rules: The Class Rules

Posted Feb 08 2013 9:47pm
The Class Rule in the Impact Rules states
"I will learn the rules that help me earn trust."

Any effective leader understands the mission-critical nature of earning, building, retaining and strengthening trust with others. My brother Lance Laubach, who has been a leader in multiple capacities in the technology industry for twenty years, believes that if he wrote a book on leadership principles it would be simply titled, "Trust and Credibility". This from-the-trenches philosophy highlights the ultra-importance of both characteristics. Class is the manifestation of an understanding there is a long list of rules that help a leader build trust with others. The following list is a quick look into a few rules that make the largest impact on your ability to do just that.

25 Class Rules

1. Be early.
2. Dress at or one notch above others.
3. Speak up about the people and projects in your life.
4. Criticize in private.
5. Do favors freely for others.
6. Know when to speak up and when to listen actively.
7. Be your family's, friend's and co-worker's biggest fan - publicly and privately.
8. Engage fully in the moment.
9. Accept only that which you earn.
10. Say thank you.
11. Learn from mistakes.
12. Seek out opportunities to grow.
13. Admit mistakes quickly and in person.
14. Be excellent at your work.
15. Make time for family.
16. Invest in personal and professional relationships.
17. Seek counsel.
18. Use your words for good.
19. Volunteer.
20. Take calculated, scary risks.
21. Be organized.
22. Lift the importance of the little things.
23. Look for, encourage and celebrate the best from others.
24. Communicate simply and clearly.
25. Be kind.

The list is much longer. I encourage you to cross-reference these with your daily patterns. Trust is earned by reputation, repetition and relationships that are healthy and solid. The people around you deserve your best. Live out loud the Class Rules every day.

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